Friday, March 12, 2004


Miscellaneous Rambling

It is Friday, the end of the week. The weekend approaches with increasing speed. The house looks like it has had a hard week, the children act like they are underfed and the parents act like they haven't slept all week.
None of this is of course true but it has been a hard week on us all.
Tomorrow, being Saturday, we get to 'PARTY' though. Well as much partying as you can do at a 5 year olds party.
Today's plan of creativity is - chocolate making, card making and house cleaning. (you need to be creative in house cleaning in order to get kids involved happily. I think I shall bribe them with money and jelly beans)

Tonight's menu

Meatloaf/beef burgers (Meatloaf recipe thanks to Kristyk)

Banana cake, if there is any left over.