Tuesday, June 29, 2004


My children are a delight to my heart

This weekend gone I made sure that I spent special time with each child, just playing with them.
I helped Jadeen get more confident on riding her bike - now the training wheels are off.
Erin just wanted cuddles and playing - she loves being spun around and cuddling close.
Miranda played some checkers and also cuddled.
Mercedes just likes to look at play finger grabs and giggling. She is a real cutie and so happy.
I even spent some quality cuddling time with the wife watching Billy Crystal and Robert DeNiro in Analyse That! A hilarious romping good comedy.
All in all a fantastic weekend, especially seeing as we entertained saturday night, sunday lunch and sunday night!
The kids and I spent Monday morning doing chores. Cleaning rooms, emptying rubbish, sweeping the patio and tidying away toys.
Work first play later is the motto they are learning.

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