Saturday, February 14, 2004

Hard to be positive when you are in pain! At least I have access to great medical service and excellent drugs.
Back on the Tramol again. After we got home from the doctors I decided to put the bike away - I had left it in the drive way. This involves driving it a few metres into the shed/office. Did that successfully with left hand on clutch in spite of broken collar bone. Then leaned down onto the stand, only to realise in my drugged state that I hadn't actually put the stand down. Weight of bike too much for damaged arm and I dropped it again!. Had to get wife to come and help lift it up. No damage. Still VERY hot and VERY humid.
I am totally veging playing the Sims. I am completely ignoring to do lists and any other form of work.
The rest of this evening is relax - I need it!

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