Sunday, September 26, 2004



Philips post about doctors etc got me going.

Having had extensive personal experience with doctors, hopitals and emergency waiting rooms myself (along with the insides of several ambulances) I am now incredibly blase (where's an acute sign when you want it) about injuries. To the point now where I have to be almost dead to bother even going to a hospital. The second time I broke my collar bone I didn't even bother going for x-rays. I did go to the doctor (because I rebroke it rushing home to take my pregnant wife to the doctor) and I said to him well there's nothing they can do is there and he agreed - so I said well its obviously broken - no point in getting x-rays and he grudgingly agreed.
Unfortunately this flows over to the kids. My daughter cut her finger a while back with a knife (she shouldn't have been playing with it). It was evening in the weekend. There was a footy match coming onto tv. Jude wanted to take her to emergency. I said it will be full of football players and you will be waiing for hours. It will be healed before they even see you. There was no way I was taking her anywhere - I held a bandage onto it to stop the blood and it was fine after a couple of days.
I've waited for hours in waiting rooms to be told what I've already known - "looks like that's a nasty sprain - should really get it up and ice it" (well i could have if I hadnt been sitting in your stupid waiting room watching it swell up for the last 3 hours).
I had a nasty cut over one eye at indoor soccer earlier this year. Was tripped with my arm trapped by the other players body and managed to land square on the corner of my eyebrow. Blood everywhere! Well we have a doctor on the team, and his girfriend (also a doctor) was there as well. Once again - Friday night. I'm not going to waste hours at the emergency room waiting for a doctor to wipe it clean and stick 2 or 3 stitches in it. (It probably really needed 10-12 check the pictures) So my wife met me and we raced to a chemist shop - got to it as it closed and security guard was kind enough to let me in and as all I wanted was steri-strips and not a prescripion the chemist was kind enough to sell them to me. Went home and cleaned up and taped up and all was fine.
Healed up now so you can't even see the scar.
Rant over.

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